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Welcome to Reinventing Labour

About this blog

This blog has been created as a platform to develop, disseminate and discuss ideas relevant to the reform of progressive politics in the UK. It comes at a time of a conservative hegemony and labour disarray. 

Any thoughts expressed are entirely my own (unless I invite outside bloggers). 

As a way of introduction, I have been a Labour member since 2007, joining at the University of Oxford and retaining membership after moving to London in 2008 and during long periods working abroad plus a year studying in Bristol. Separately, I have applied to be a candidate in several parliamentary seats (unsuccessfully so far).

Born in 1985, one of my first political memories was the 1997 election victory which occurred when I was in my final year of my local primary school in Cardiff. 

This blog starts with an examination of the failure of what could loosely be called the Labour right since the exit of Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown

Separately, there are five essays setting out where Labour needs to be across the following five areas:

  1. Constitutional reform and progressive nation-building

  2. An integrated national economy

  3. Social security and public services

  4. Re-entering the cultural mainstream 

  5. A post-brexit internationalism 

Over time, I will be adding more commentary, mostly in the field of where Labour must be located from a policy perspective. 


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